Non-Smudge LIQUID LASH EXTENSIONS are taking over the Market!!
Liquid Lash Extensions
Get The Look Of Lash Extensions Without the Damage
Lashes that are 
100% Natural
100% Mine
Love At First Wear
"Ive never worn a mascara that made me want to make a video in my car and share it with the world haha" 
-Aja Rieger
  •  BYE BYE RACCOON EYES!!  Non-Smudge Mascara coats your lashes and washes off COMPLETELY with just warm water! 
  •  It will NEVER stain your skin!
  •  Non Smudge Mascara Lifts, Volumizes AND Lengthens Lashes.  
  •  No need for expensive lash extensions.  Get the look in under 10 seconds!
  • Makeup Artists #1 Choice.  Lasts ALL day & ALL Night
  •  Improve your Selfie Status with #lashesonfleek and get REWARDED with FREE PRODUCTS just for SHARING!!
  • Awesome Feature - Gives Incredible "Falsies" look
  • Even Cooler Feature - Lifts to incredible lengths without a lash curler. Buildable Volume & ALL DAY wear
  • Coolest Feature-Rolls right off with JUST warm water!  Will NOT stain your skin! 
  • And So Much More...
Nobody wants to be that person
Instantly create the look of lash extensions with #1 Non-Smudge Mascara to hit the market. 

Breakthrough technology that won't smudge, clump, flake or smear!!! 
ONLY $29!!!

Get the look of lash extensions WITHOUT the damaging side effects using our highly anticipated non-smudge mascara!
The average cost of lash extensions including first initial full set appointment and month fills is $850 - $1295 a year!
That's A LOT of money to DESTROY your lashes...
Non-Smudge Mascara is specifically designed to enhance your natural lashes giving them LONGER, FULLER, more lifted effect!
Bye-Bye Raccoon Eyes, Hello Liquid Lashes 
Non-Smudge Mascara coating technology formula loosens with warm water allowing it to slide off easily when washing your face WITHOUT leaving residue behind to stain your face!
See How The Magnetic Mud Works!!
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